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Reviewed By: Carl 'lowlight' Nelson [09.23.00]
Manufactured by: MSI
Suggested Price: $150 Find a MUCH lower price on IBuyer

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Let's Overclock This Puppy!

I'm sure you're just DYING to know how the StarForce 816 overclocks... Well I am happy to report that it fares quite well! Thanks to the 6 ns ram, you should be able to get a memory speed of at least 185 Mhz without seeing artifacts.  Pump the core clock speed to 210, and this is what you get:

Some nice little gains there in higher resolutions, and this is with absolutely no extra cooling or anything.  Take a look at the crappy little heatsink that comes with the card, and you know that you can get it higher with just a little effort.

That heatsink just HAS to go! Well not just yet - we're here to show you what you can do with this great little card right out of the box.  Let's have a look at how it holds up to 3DMark's tests:

400 extra 3DMarks can surely be considered as a nice gain.  How does just over 5000 3DMarks with a video card that's just over $100 sound? Good! Because the MSI StarForce 816 is just that!

Do you have a problem?

This is one of those products that I just have a hard time finding something really wrong with it.  There is nothing really that sets it apart from any other GeForce 2 MX that is particularly bad.  They all have pretty much no software bundles, so I can't compare that.  In fact, if anything, this card is *better* than most GF2MX cards!

In Conclusion

I really would have liked to have tested this against at least 1 or 2 other GF2MX cards... I have read benchmarks in other reviews though, and believe it or not, it does perform faster than at least 2 other GF2MX cards on the market... In fact, here's a link to the beginning of a review of this card, over on Gamers Depot.  Yes, I realize it's the 4th page in, but the other 3 pages are nothing but card specs copied from the manufacturer's page! I can't attest to this personally, but according to Gamers Depot, the MSI kicks some butt.

If that's the only thing that separates this card from other GF2MX's, then that is a very good thing! I can't find anything wrong with it, other than it is not the fastest card in 32 bit apps, but what do you expect for just over $100? I am going to recommend the MSI StarForce 816 to any gamer on a budget.

Stuff That Kicks Ass:

  • Cheap! IBuyer found it for just over $100!

  • Awesome card for the price - hands down beats anything in its class

  • Overclocks well

Stuff That Sucks:

  • No real software bundle to mention...

  • Other than being slightly faster, this card isn't much different than any other GeForce 2 MX.

Overall Score: 95%

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