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Reviewed By: Carl 'lowlight' Nelson [2.12.01]
Manufactured by: Leadtek
Suggested Price: $350 Find a MUCH lower price on IBuyer

Are You Ready?

Take a quick look at our iBuyer.net Quick Price List on the right side of this page.  What do you see? The #1 video card, currently GeForce 2 Ultra, is sitting there at $423.  And that is the lowest price found on a huge search engine!

GF2 Ultras are still simply too expensive to be cost effective.  Yes, they are the fastest cards you can get right now, but by how much? One of the big advantages they had over the GF2 GTS was more ram.  This allowed such things as running in 1024x768 with the Texture Detail slider turned all the way up in Quake 3.  32 MB of ram simply isn't enough, and you get some nasty hard-drive thrashing.  Double the ram, however, and it's smooth sailing.

GeForce OEMs such as Leadtek are responding to this by offering "Enhanced" versions of their GTS cards, in addition to offering Ultra cards.  The price of these "Enhanced" cards lay somewhere between the GTS and Ultra.

Are these more cost effective? Does the 64 mb add that much performance? What is this 5.5 ns memory hype all about? We'll look at all that and more on our Leadtek Winfast "Enhanced" GeForce 2 GTS 64mb Review (phew). The suggested price on this puppy was $350 at launch, but a quick search on iBuyer reveals some places selling it for as low as $250!


Top O' The Line

Leadtek has always offered us a little something extra with their video cards... Their GeForce 2 MX (Reviewed Here) was our personal favourite MX card.  Their higher end cards are great too.  Leadtek takes that extra step, such as offering a bigger heatsink, offering more tweakable features in their software, and giving us some good quality RAM.

Leadtek lists their high quality 5.5 ns ram as a feature on the side of their box! They know who their customers are, and what they look for.  Overclockers know that the faster the ram is, the higher above spec they will be able to push it.  Reference specs on a GeForce 2 GTS call for 6.0 ns memory (good for 166 SDR or 333 DDR memory clock speed), so theoretically, we should be able to push this even further.  Leadtek knows that there are a lot of people who won't just sit around with a 333 Mhz memory speed, so they give us the tools to play around with it; faster ram and overclocking software.

And a Mother of a Heatsink

Just look at this beast!

Leadtek is known for including larger-than-reference-size heatsinks, but this it the weirdest one I've ever seen! They have the fan sitting off to the side, rather than blowing down on top of the hottest part of the heatsink.  I'm not sure if this increases or decreases the performance of the HSF unit, but it seemed to work well enough the way it was!

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What does it look like under the heatsink?

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