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Reviewed by Carl 'lowlight' Nelson [06.23.00]
by: Elsa Germany
Suggested Retail Price Price: $329 USD
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Vanilla is My Favourite Flavour

If you are selling and marketing a video card that is based on a common and popular chipset, there are a few ways of going about it.  One way, which is what most manufacturers do, is to release a video card based completely on the reference design, and get it in stores as early as humanly possible.  Too few manufacturers do it the other way; release a cool video card with some extra features.  Those features could be anything from a great software bundle, to a bigger, more flashy heatsink and an overclocked card, to something entirely unique like an SLI version, or something similar.

Elsa chose to do it the easy way with what ended up being the very first GeForce 2 GTS card on the market.  Besides the "Elsa" sticker on the card, there is absolutely no way to distinguish this from any other reference board (such as the Creative Annihilator 2).

They do want to offer you a couple things though... The software bundle is unique; rather than pack in a couple crippled versions of a full game, Elsa allows you to buy full versions of games off them at a discounted price.  The software selection page doesn't go live until June 23, but some games have been announced.  When it does go live, customers can pick 1 game for $8.99, pick 2 for $15.95 and pick 3 for $19.99.  No word on what Shipping & Handling will cost (especially for international consumers like myself).  The only games that are confirmed to be there so far are Messiah, MDK 2, Viva Football (Soccer for the Yankees and Canucks out there), and F-16 Aggressor.

The other 'unique' aspect of this board is its native support for the Elsa REVELATOR 3d Glasses.  We will be looking at those at a later time, but I will tell you now, I can't get the damn things to work :) I haven't heard to many good things about them anyway, but I won't pass judgment until I see for myself.

Got Specs?

I'm not going to list the Nvidia GeForce 2 specs here and waste a page of your time... You can head to Elsa's page for that (you're welcome!).  How about a nice picture of the board instead? Click the thumbnail for a high res shot (sorry about the blur)

Haven't I seen this somewhere else?

As you can see, it looks exactly the same as any other GeForce 2.  In fact, it looks about the same as an older GeForce 256 card.   

So what's new with the GeForce 2? 

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