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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.14.00]
Manufactured by: Asus


CPU Benches

Just for kicks, here are some Sandra 2000 CPU benches - Don't expect these to deviate much from any other motherboard with a CPU at the same speed.  Nonetheless, it's nice to see a benchmark representing the speed of your CPU/Motherboard :) Again, these are with the CPU set to 770 Mhz.
If your speeds are lower than mine with the same processor speed, you may have a problem...

FSB Settings Galore

Hey want to get the most out of your CPU? The first thing you'll need are a lot of FSB settings.  If your board only goes to 150 Mhz, and your CPU can handle that no problem, wouldn't you just love to try 155 Mhz, or even 160? Also, if your CPU can do 140 Mhz no problem, but not 150, it would be great to have some selections in between.  Asus delivers this in spades:

Is that enough to choose from? :) They also tell you the speed your PCI bus is running at with particular FSB selections.  I just wish they were in order...

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