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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.28.00]
Manufactured by: MSI


Do you have a problem?

Like I said before, if you were to build a Duron or Thunderbird-based PC, with no regard for overclocking, you needn't look further than the K7T Pro.  Save yourself at least $30 or so by going with this fast, stable board with a cool easy way to update your BIOS! The perfect board for beginners.

The Manual

Like most manuals these days, a well written and concisive manual is included.  It is well documented with pictures and clear diagrams to help you along with installation.  I ran into no problems at all getting this up and running in no time!

In conclusion, I LOVE this board, and I would recommend it to any non-overclocker building a PC based on an AMD Duron or Thunderbird CPU.  You'll have a fast stable board, ATA/100 when you need it, and all the goodies you want, for a very acceptable price.  Way to go, MSI! I also like the LED diag features, but luckily I didn't run into the need to test them :).

  • Rock Solid
  • Integrated ATA/66 support
  • ATA/100 card included, when you get a drive that supports it
  • AGP 4x, Fast Writes
  • Awesome price for an AMD board (down to around $125)
  • It's Fast!
  • Live-BIOS works well!
  • A great board for someone who just wants a nice stable system that is easy to maintain

  • No FSB multiplier settings!!!
  • RAM is still slightly slower than a BX board

Final Score: 86%