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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.28.00]
Manufactured by: MSI


CPU Benches

Just for kicks, here are some Sandra 2000 CPU benches - Don't expect these to deviate much from any other motherboard with a CPU at the same speed.  Nonetheless, it's nice to see a benchmark representing the speed of your CPU/Motherboard :) Again, these are with the CPU set to 642 Mhz.

As you can see, our 642 scores are right where they should be; just below the score of an average Duron 700.  If your speeds are lower than mine with the same processor, you may have a problem...

Ram Scores

Since Intel's 440BX chipset, I don't think a single chipset has ever come close to it in terms of memory speed... Here are some decent results... You'll see that they are quite below SiSoft's results for the same chipset.. For the record, I am using CAS3 PC133 Micron ram in this test.

Video Scores!

Let's see what overclocking by a tiny margin of 42 Mhz brought us in terms of video performance...

Here's the result at 600 MHz...

And here we are at 642 MHz... Not bad... It would be nice to see what our Duron could do at 800 or even 900 MHz huh?

The video card used here is a GeForce 2 GTS (the same one that scores almost 7000 with a P3 770).  Still, 6000 is definitely a score to brag about if your CPU costs WELL under $100! (the video card costs over 3 times that though, hehe).

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