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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [09.21.00]
Manufactured by: Asus


CPU Benches

Just for kicks, here are some Sandra 2000 CPU benches - Don't expect these to deviate much from any other motherboard with a CPU at the same speed.  Nonetheless, it's nice to see a benchmark representing the speed of your CPU/Motherboard :) Again, these are with the CPU set to 900 Mhz.

According to SiSoft, our little 900 Duron is right in line with a P3 1Ghz... I wouldn't take that to seriously though :)

One thing that I know you are worried about will be the memory benchmark.. Well have a look at this:

Ram Scores

This is what you get with the absolute default settings.  Now sit down and put down your rocks! You can vastly improve this score VERY easily by setting just a couple variable in the BIOS! Set your DIMM speed to 133 Mhz, set the DIMM Interleaving to "Auto" (it is disabled by default), and set the performance mode to "optimal".  After those three little changes, this is what you get:

Is that better for you? Good :)

Now you know that the Asus A7V is about the most stable and fastest board with great overclock settings... I wonder how the final score turns out? Will Geoff have this motherboard and eat it too?

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