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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [09.21.00]
Manufactured by: Asus


You do NOT want sound!

Remember this when you order this motherboard! The version with onboard sound does NOT have dip switches for setting the multiplier! Future revisions probably will, but if you order a board at the time of this writing, DEMAND that you want the version without sound.  Believe me, the onboard sound sucks on these (and any, really) motherboards.  Go for an SB Live! or Vortex 2 sound card.  If you do happen to pick up a board with sound, you'll have to use the method I talked about on the last page, which will be a pain in the ass...

Does This Make You Drool?

What's that? 900 Mhz for $60??? It's True! It's True! This is perfectly stable, using this Asus A7V motherboard with an unlocked Duron 600 Mhz CPU and a Socket A Golden Orb.  Do you want it? Well, you can have it!

I am giving away this CPU/Motherboard away as part of an ENTIRE 900 Mhz PC! Click here for more details...

ATA/66 is OK

Like I said, I wasn't able to benchmark ATA/100 with this motherboard... I have been told that it is pretty damn fast though.  Here are the results using my Maxtor 13 gig ATA/66 drive on the Promise ATA/100 controller:

Is that fast enough for ya? I thought so.  If you use Windows 98, you will need to install the latest VIA 4-in-1 drivers... Grab the latest ones here.

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