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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.28.00]
Manufactured by: Abit


CPU Benches

Just for kicks, here are some Sandra 2000 CPU benches - Don't expect these to deviate much from any other motherboard with a CPU at the same speed.  Nonetheless, it's nice to see a benchmark representing the speed of your CPU/Motherboard :) Again, these are with the CPU set to 900 Mhz.

According to SiSoft, our little 900 Duron is right in line with a P3 1Ghz... I wouldn't take that to seriously though :)

One thing that I know you are worried about will be the memory benchmark.. Well have a look at this:

Ram Scores

Here's one area that really shined... This is a benchmark taken with the exact same ram chip, on an Asus A7V:

And here it is on the Abit KT7-RAID:

On both drives, every memory-tweaking I could find in the BIOS was enabled.  That is quite a nice increase! I feel good now.  Benchmarks rule... Want more? Too bad, I hate overdoing them... Let's go right to our Conclusion!

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