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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.28.00]
Manufactured by: Abit


Do it Right Next Time!

I'm not going to dock any points for this funny little heatsink job, but I just had to point it out... We immediately put some Good Stuff on there (Arctic Silver), just to make sure we're cool.  The heatsink is actually a pretty decent one - better than a lot I've seen on some $500 video cards!

Does This Make You Drool?

What's that? 900 Mhz for $60??? It's True! It's True! This is perfectly stable, using this Abit KT7 motherboard with an unlocked Duron 600 Mhz CPU and a Socket A Golden Orb.  Do you want it? Well, you can have it!

I am giving away this CPU/Motherboard away as part of an ENTIRE 900 Mhz PC! Click here for more details... The PC we are currently giving away is using the Asus A7V (not the broken one - that has been replaced and is sitting in our closet, probably for our next contest).

I am also running a Thunderbird 750 "Purple Core" at 950 Mhz perfectly stable.  We can boot into Windows at 1 Ghz, but Prime95 won't run once the CPU temperature gets to around 45 or so...

Once I find a better cooler, I'll be giving away the Thunderbird 1Ghz system for our November Draw! Stay tuned for that one!

ATA/100 Kicks ASS!

I really wish I could test the ATA/100 RAID capabilities of this board for you, but unfortunately, I only have one hard drive.  It is ATA/100 capable (an IBM 30 gig drive), so I can show you this:

This is using the onboard Highpoint ATA/100 RAID controller, which is capable of RAID 0 (for better performance) and RAID 1 (for mirroring - data security) and RAID 0+1 (hmm...).  Two drives in RAID 0 should theoretically be about twice as fast as one drive, and mirroring will be slightly slower than one drive.

Needless to say, this is *fast*- so I won't say any more.  Let's see some other benches!

*UPDATE* - While I don't have another drive to play around with a RAID-0 setup, our friends at The Tech Zone do.  Check out their benchmark, using two IBM 30 gig ATA/100 drives:

Is that awesome or what? If you do get this board, go for the RAID version, even if you don't use it right away...

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