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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.28.00]
Manufactured by: Abit



Here's something that can make or break a good board; features.  Here's a short 'at glance' list:

  • Supports AMD Duron and Athlon (Socket-A Only)
  • Up to 1.5GB of memory; 3 DIMMs PC133, PC100, VCM/133
  • 6 PCI slots, 1 AGP 4x Slot, 1 ISA slot
  • UltraDMA/100 and DMA/66 IDE support
  • RAID 0/1/0+1 Support
  • PC Health Monitoring
  • Etcetera :)

You want the full list? We're not going to waste a whole page on that; just head to Abit's product page.

Abit opted to use an ISA slot, rather an an AMR slot.  Either way, I couldn't care much less.  I haven't seen an ISA peripheral since I was running a 233MMX, and I have still never seen an AMR card.  6 PCI slots is more than enough for me, and likely most others.

I don't know why anyone ever mentions power connector placement... No matter where a manufacturer places theirs, I have NEVER had a problem, or noticed any kind of difference... Either way, you can see for yourself where it is, and decide whether you like it there or not.

Get Those Electrolytic Caps Out Of My Way!

The A7V used a handy riser to keep the electrolytic capacitors out of the way from some of the wider CPU coolers out there.  I really wished Abit would have done the same, because I had some problems fitting a Chrome Orb on there.  Other, more conventional shaped heatsinks, even the bigger ones, had no problem, though.  If you're interested, read our Chrome Orb review here (finish this one first though!).

There has to be ONE thing hopelessly wrong with it, right?

There was one thing I *really* didn't appreciate about the KT7-RAID.  It was so bad it will significantly effect the final score I give it.  Have a look for yourself, on the picture at the top of this page... Do you notice it?

Abit defied logic when designing this board, and installed the CPU connector rotated by 90 degrees.  This is the ONLY board I have seen with this problem.  Why is it such a problem?

If you don't have a 21" case, you are going to have to remove the power supply EVERY time you want to take off the heatsink.  This is a complete piss-off, and it really annoyed my while testing several CPU coolers for an upcoming review... I have no idea why Abit designed it this way- like I said they are the only ones I've seen do this so far.  I hope it isn't a growing trend! What a pain in the ass...

Here's Something for the "Why Bother" Category

You may have noticed this:

On the chipset.  This is a good thing - these chipsets are getting hotter and hotter all the time! Most motherboard manufacturers use the common flat green heatsink to cool it, some using thermal paste, some opting not to.  There is actually a growing market for aftermarket chipset coolers, which are also used for video cards... In fact, we just reviewed one this week...

Therein lies another opportunity for bonehead moves... If you're gonna use thermal paste, do it right, at least! Check out the next page...

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