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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.13.03]
Manufactured by: VLSystem
Estimated Price: $90

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Quantity over Quality?

Finally, we have the cumbersome "User Section" which, if you can figure it out, allows you to run through any of the features throughout the entire suite at a pace of your choosing.

Unfortunately, the interface on this feature is terrible, and unless you have memorized all the functions you like, and where they belong, you'll be switching back and forth a lot to get the features you want.  I'll just leave it on the Winamp section, thanks :)

As you can see, the LIS software has a TON of features, allowing you to display all sorts of information about your PC onto an ultra cool looking backlit LED screen.

However, about 99% of that information is pretty much useless.  It seems like the programmers just went through various Windows files to see what sort of info they could cram into the software.  While this might have been fun for them, it makes for a bloated and unorganized program for the end user.

Basically the LIS is for one thing and one thing only - to look COOL.  Luckily, it excels in that.  And since there are 2 or 3 features that really display some intreresting info, it is not only saved from getting The Goat, but gets our recommendation as a finishing touch on almost any mod project.

Another thing to consider is the price - these things are manufactured in Korea, so the price ends up being quite high.  $90 is quite a bit to spend for a product with such limited practical use.  If VLS is really serious about going all the way with something like the LIS (and looking at their web site, it appears that they are), they seriously need to consider moving their manufacturing process in China to get cost way down.  For $50, we wouldn't hesitate giving the LIS our highest recommendations.

  • Looks awesome
  • Blends in nicely if you have an aluminum or black case
  • Light can be controlled independently of the power

  • Uses a USB port just for power, and still requires a COM port
  • Poorly translated documentation
  • Very expensive
  • Poorly designed software interface

Final Score: 86%