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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.13.03]
Manufactured by: VLSystem
Estimated Price: $90

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The Features That Count

Up until now, most of the features we've talked about have been fun to play around with, but have little in the way of substance.  I mean really, how important is it to have the DirectX version displayed on the screen every 6 seconds?

Luckily there are 2 REALLY cool features that make the LIS worthwhile, and they both involve integration with 3rd party applications.

When used with MBM, you can have the LIS display your temperatures, voltages, and fan speeds.  Now this is something that can be useful and showy at the same time! Let everyone at the LAN party know that your CPU is running at cool sub-30 levels, and your fan is whipping some ass at 6000 RPMs!

The only problem is, and this is as much MBM's fault as it is the LIS, you might need to play around with a LOT of settings to get everything working properly.  If you've used MBM on several motherboards, you know how flaky it can be, and how many settings you need to go through to get things working in order.  However, you may have a system that works perfectly right away.  It all depends on what mobo you are using, and what it uses to detect temperatures and such.

Besides the MBM function, the Winamp function has to be the coolest feature... You can control Winamp from this section, but more importantly you can install the included plugin to get this:

Not exactly the best picture in the world, but what you see above is the track information, and a spectrum analyzer.  The analyzer is fully configurable as you can see in the prior screenshot.  Now your comp looks like a high end stereo, and the blue light looks ultra bad ass in the dark!

The plugin only works in Winamp 2.x right now, but I'm sure most of you have switched back from the buggy-and-bloated-as-hell 3.x by now anyway.

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