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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.13.03]
Manufactured by: VLSystem
Estimated Price: $90

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More Features

In the "OS/Sys" section, a ton of information can be displayed - anything from your OS version to your IE version, to such useless information as the user login ID and whether you have a full duplex sound card installed.

Some of the more useful information in this section are the IP address, HDD space check, and OS power on time - show off how long it's been since last reboot (not recommended if you're using Win98 )

If you only have a single drive, and D: is your CDROM, be sure to disable checking of the second drive, or you'll get this every 5 seconds:

Annoying at first, but quick and easy to fix.

The "Net Section" will check your POP3 inbox for you and alert you when you have new email.  I used to use ICQ for this, but eventually stopped because I receive about 600 spam emails a day.  Now I just use SpamNet and open Outlook every once in a while.

The "RTC Section" displays real time clock information on the LIS screen.  Nothing of much use here, especially when you have the "CPU/Ram" section detailed on the previous page...

Of course I saved the coolest features for last; the LIS integrates with MBM to display real time CPU and Fan information! And wait'll you see the Winamp plugin ;)

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