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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.13.03]
Manufactured by: VLSystem
Estimated Price: $90

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Setting Things Up

Turn the system on, and you get a clear backlit display.  The light can be turned on and off independently of the unit itself, and contrast can be adjusted (although only via a controller on the back, so you'll need to uninstall the unit first).

As stated on the previous page, installation is a breeze.  Once everything is up and running, this is the screen you'll see first.  Select your COM port, and restart the program.  From there, you can set your boot and log off messages - everything else should be left alone.

Features Galore

The key to the LIS is the software; in the version we used (, there are 10 tabs of settings to play around with to help show off every imaginable aspect of your computer.  Let's have a look at these settings, one page at a time.

Basically, you choose a screen "Section" to display whatever info you want on the front of the LED (the app thankfully minimizes to the sytem tray).  You can choose a single category, or select several to cycle through.

The first section you'll find is the "Test Section".  This is where you can troubleshoot and make sure everything is running smoothly.  You can also clear the screen if something funky happens.

When in the "CPU/RAM" page, the LIS will display such information as your CPU name, type, extensions, etc.  It will also show your CPU usage, memory usage, and swap file size.

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