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Reviewed by: Ken O'Reilly [03.30.01]
Manufactured by: MSI


There has to be SOME negatives!

I honestly had only two major problems with the K7T-Pro2-A and from what I have read around the net, I am not the only one. The Pro2-A has problems with different multipliers when you have unlocked your CPU. According to support at MSI it has to do with certain batch numbers of CPU's.

I however have found a solution at least for the problems I encountered. When I had tried OC'ing my Duron I was able to reach 963 using 107x9, you would think that if that was the case then I should have been able to go 9.5x100 to reach 950. You would be right and wrong. The only way to have it start at that setting was to leave the computer off for about 5mins. And then cold boot. If I had to restart then I would not POST and I would get the Red Green Red Red I mentioned earlier.

I penciled in the L7's so that I had "hardwired" an initial Vcore of 1.85V and this cleared up my problem. It looks like I needed a little boost of voltage until the post kicked in and read my voltage setting in the BIOS. This worked wonders for me and I hope if you had the same problems it does for you.

The other "problem" I had was nowhere in the manual did it state the maximum load my fan header could handle and I hooked my FOP-38 onto it. I know I know, GlobalWin recommends and even supplies the adapter so that you can plug it into the PSU chain, but I wanted to see the RPM's and had read that other motherboards could handle it. OOPS, my bad killed the header and luckily I was there, or there would have gone #2 Duron. I only added this so that someone else doesn't make the same mistake that I did and the only person to blame would be yourself :D

In conclusion, I love my K7T-Pro2-A. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a stable, overclocker friendly board at a price far lower than some of the other "great" OC'ing boards.  MSI as listened to their customers and improved on an already great board the Pro2! This is certainly an improvement over their original K7T that came out when Socket A's first started hitting the scene.

  • Rock solid stability
  • ATA/100
  • Kick ass price
  • BIOS selectable Voltages and Multipliers
  • Very Over clocking friendly especially with the OC'ing BIOS

  • Fan header can't handle High Performance HSF and nothing in the manual to tell you one-way or the other. (I know picky eh)
  • Problems with certain multipliers

Final Score: 80%