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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.20.02]
Manufactured by: Shuttle


SiSoft Sandra CPU Test

As always, I am going to start off with the test results from SiSoft's Sandra 2002 suite.

The first two benchmarks should all be pretty close to one another, so let's get them out of the way first.

This pretty much just shows that everything is working properly... All results are within the margin of error (though I would still note that the Shuttle was on top for each result).  Let's head to a more meaningful benchmark:

This is the single most relevant artificial benchmark you will ever use to compare chipsets among each other.  It is great to see that the Shuttle AK35GTR pull ahead here!  We used SPD settings in both cases, so the resulting numbers are based on the differences in chipsets ONLY.

Already it is starting to look like the KT266A is really a champ.

Note that the AK35GTR has a lot of room for improvement in these numbers (and subsequent benchmarks, of course).  By adjusting the RAM timings, you should be able to squeeze quite a bit of performance out of your board!

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