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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [04.11.02]
Manufactured by: Abit


DirectX 8 benchmarks

Our whole D3D game testing suite now consists almost entirely of DirectX 8 benchmarks.  This means that advanced features such as pixel shaders are being used.  This only applies if your video card supports these features, currently only a few high end cards do.  Needless to say, these tests will surely push any system to the limit...

First up is the Comanche 4 Pro Benchmark.  This test came out about a week ago, and of course uses DirectX 8 features.  The test will simply fail to run unless you have a graphics card that is at least capable of hardware T&L.  Our 8500DV is of course, but is one of the slower DX8 cards (ATI severely hampered the memory speed, which I'll explain in our full review).  With Comanche 4, the boards perform exactly alike.

Moving on to the only DX7 benchmark, Evolva, we see the Shuttle once again pull ahead slightly.  Although Evolva is an older benchmark, it still has quite an advanced graphics engine, supporting Environment Mapped Bumpmapping and hardware T&L.

AquaMark, based on the awful game AquaNox, is another beautiful looking DX8 benchmark that makes heavy use of pixel shaders.  Here we see the AT7 pull slightly ahead, which just goes to show that a single benchmark result by itself means nothing.

3DMark 2001 SE

I think we're going to drop 3DMark 2000 from our testing suite, and use 2001 SE exclusively.  2000 was more suitable for comparing systems if one of them had a non DX8 graphics card, but in this case it is somewhat useless.  We will still use it in our CPU reviews, as it is now beyond having the graphics card as a bottleneck, if a GeForce 3 or above is used.

3DMark supports many advanced DX8 capabilities.  Rather than spit out a simple frames/second number, 3DMark conveniently gives a single score based on various test results, including frames/second, but also fill rate, etc.

The Shuttle pulls away here, with almost a 100 point difference.  Nothing too significant.  Now is a good time to deduce that the AT7 probably runs in an 'extra safe' mode at stock speeds...

CodeCreatures Benchmark Pro

Here's a brand spanking new benchmark, it just came out a few days ago.  This one will absolutely ROCK your system to the core...

CC actually looks a lot like the Nature demo in 3DMark 2001.  It seems to be MUCH more stressing, at least on our Radeon 8500DV AIW....

Gee, it sure looks like a big gain in performance, but this is like comparing dog poo to cat poo... I have seen much better numbers with even a GeForce 3; is this the fault of the game engine programmers, or the ATI driver programmers? Hmmmmm...

Ugh I can't bear to look at that... Let's get to the OpenGL numbers...

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