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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [04.11.02]
Manufactured by: Abit



The most unique, intriguing board ever does not stop at the BIOS! Abit has always been known for their robust BIOS features, and they do NOT change here! Have a look!

SoftMenu III is the current generation of the innovative overclocking functions of this Abit board.  FSB speeds may be changed in 1 MHz increments, and you can change the voltage on everything from the CPU to the RAM right down to the chipset, if you really wanna get funky with the OCing.  This is TRULY an OCer's dream, with custom ratio settings, and just look at the memory config screen:

It doesn't stop there either, a few more settings can be changed in addition to what is shown here.  Needless to say, Abit once again provides us with the means of squeezing out every last drop of performance from our systems.  Abit is definitely making the 'beyond spec' RAM manufacturers happy (and the people who buy it!).

You can also tweak the AGP settings to your heart's desire.

Here you can control the vast array of onboard peripherals on the board.  Don't have the need for IEEE1394 just yet? Turn it off until you do! If you're happy with a single drive and CDROM, feel free to disable the Highpoint controller as well, just to keep things nice and clean.  You can turn off pretty much everything from here, turning the might MAX into a pathetic vegetable if you wish.

Everything else in the BIOS was pretty standard.  Hardware monitoring is of course available, so if you're running your system on a fine line, you can have the board shut itself off just in case things get a little too hot for comfort.

So you've met the board and the features it brings, and you've met the BIOS... Let's go nuts with the benchmarks!

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