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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.08.02]
Manufactured by: Intel

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Game Tests

Now let's get on with what matters to us most - GAMES.  We'll start off with 3DMark 2001:SE of course, a theoretical number is given, so we see what DDR333 does for gaming across the board in advanced DX8 gaming.

We found out on the previous page that RDRAM offers slightly more bandwidth, at the high cost of increased memory latency.  It looks like that is hurting it in the 3DMark tests, although very slightly.

Next up is an old standby in gaming benchmarks, Serious Sam:SE.  The Serious Engine is quite an advanced OpenGL engine, and we ran it with EVERYTHING turned on, at 1024x768.

Once again the DDR333 and RDRAM numbers are virtually tied.  It is important to note that DDR266 is way behind DDR333, because that is exactly what this new chipset does for us.

Now let's look at a game that we will all be playing in some form in the very near future.  UT2K3 may not exactly be the best game to be released in the last while (or even last week) but there is no question that the engine it is based on is spectacular, and WILL be used in everything from FPS games to RPG to Adventure, to who-knows-what-else.

Of all gaming benchmarks, I'd have to point these out as being the most relevant right now.

For testing, we used HardOCP's UT2K3 Benchmark Script 1.1 (available here), cranked the settings to "High Quality", ran ALL the Flyby tests, and averaged out the frames/second on all the levels in all resolutions, giving out a final average score.

And there you have it - DDR333 owns the UT2K3 engine.  Add that to what we've seen above, and you can see that no matter what Intel says about RDRAM being their high end solution, DDR333 is the way to go for gaming on Pentium 4.

Of course gaming isn't 100% of what we do... We have to consider other things like Office applications, graphics editing, web content etc.  For that we use SYSmark 2002.

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