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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.08.02]
Manufactured by: Intel

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The 845PEBT2

Does that look like an Intel brand motherboard to you? Hell no! It would probably pass as an Abit or something! This is the first time I've seen Intel stray from a basic green PCB (although this is a pre-production sample, so they may very well go back).  Unfortunately there are still only 2 DIMM slots on this board.

The 845PEBT2 offers 4 USB2.0 ports (plus an onboard header for 2 more), Coax and Optical digital outputs as well as 5.1 analog out.  There is even a FireWire port, something that is becoming pretty much standard on PC's, and onboard LAN, also becoming a standard (looking at our Weekly Motherboard Price List, you can see that integrated LAN is offered more often than not).

That's right, Serial ATA makes an appearance on the 845PEBT2, in RAID form as a matter of fact.  I still haven't seen a single SATA HDD for sale, but by this time next year I'm sure I'll be running one (and we'll have to start offering colored SATA cables over on )

Have I convinced you that this is the coolest Intel board ever? Well how about this:

That's right, full memory tweaking options in the Intel BIOS! Perfect for tweaking the hell out of your new OCZ "Enhanced Latency" Ram.  There is even a preset for fully aggressive timings! Next thing you know, Intel will be offering FSB changing in their BIOS...

Now onto the 845GBV2... Not quite as impressive I'm afraid...

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