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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.01.02]
Manufactured by: AMD
Price: $349 (per 1000)

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I always like to include some pure number-crunching benches in my CPU reviews.  And few benchmarks crunch numbers as thoroughly as ScienceMark.  ScienceMark does detect CPU feature codes, such as SSE2, so performances will not be directly correlated to clock speed.

Remember that this is a timed benchmark, so this time LOWER scores are better.  And AMD easily wins in both of these benchmarks.  AMD has always excelled in ScienceMark.

ScienceMark MemBench

ScienceMark 2 (which is currently in Beta) contains a handy little benchmark directly aimed at Cache and Memory.  This should give us some theoretical rates that we can directly compare to the SiSoft scores for verification, and at the same time see which processor has the fastest cache.

The Memory scores stay true to form according to our SiSoft scores on Page 1.  And the Cache speeds, well, have a look for yourself. 

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