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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.01.02]
Manufactured by: AMD
Price: $349 (per 1000)

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3DMark 2001:SE

3DMark 2001 SE is a DirectX 8 based benchmark, and makes use of such advanced features as vertex shaders, pixel shaders, point sprites, and various forms of bump mapping. If you don't have at LEAST a GF3 or Radeon 8500, stay home kids. We used the latest build 330 which fixes a bunch of bugs and adds AGP8X support (which is not used in this test because our motherboard do not support it).

Things are extremely close here, and I'd say the winner is... The Radeon 9700! Actually both scores are lower than my personal score of 14409 without overclocking (I just received the 9700 last week and I've been too busy with the launch of to mess around with the 9700).  That was performed on an RDRAM platform.

As usual, we disclose our full 3DMark scores to you for your own comparing purposes (3DMark is so great because it is a standardized test, allowing people to compare their scores directly without worrying about testing procedures being wonky).

Here is the Athlon 2700+ score, and here's the P4 2.80 score.  Oh and here's my personal score - you just wait until I get some OCing done ;)

3DMark 2001:SE - Car Chase

Obviously a full 3DMark run isn't exactly intended to stress the CPU - it's a GPU test! But if we take one of the 'game' tests in the suite, and turn down the settings, we should be able to isolate the CPU's.  Let's have a look at the Car Chase scene, in 640x480...

Interesting how much the game slows down with the image quality turned up, even at such a low res.  Well not much to say here, except that there is no clear winner for this test, I guess!


CodeCreatures, which looks like yet another 3DMark clone upon first glance, is designed with one purpose and one purpose only - to absolutely bring your Rig to its knees.  Well we're equipped with the fastest CPU's from each manufacturer, and the fastest Video Card currently available.  Let's see if we can conquer The 'Code...

You have to be happy with those results, except the score doesn't give us much to talk about! AMD definitely has the platform advantage in these tests, so I would consider a tie to be Intel's gain.

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