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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.26.02]
Manufactured by: Intel
Price: $546 (street)

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Just another speed  bump, although it is a bit higher than I had expected.  I really wish I had been able to include results from the latest AMD offering, but when you consider that it barely beats a 2.53 P4, I think you can deduce for yourself where that puts it compared to the 2.80.

In every P4 review I have to include price, because when a new P4 comes out, it is never cheap.  The 2.80 has actually been on Pricewatch for about a week already, with prices getting as low as $546.  Looking at our CPU List on the right side of the site (using iBuyer, which I find to be a much more reliable indicator of true street prices), you see the 2.53 for about $270 (which is even lower than the similarly 'clocked' AthlonXP 2600+). 

Consider that the 2.53 launched at $637.

AMD has always been the 'best bang for the buck' but with competition getting more and more fierce, we are seeing prices level out more and more.

God I love competition.  I can't wait to see what happens when AMD unleashes 333 MHz FSB upon the world...

Or... Dare I say?  Hammer? Q103? I'm very skeptical of that, but you never know... Nonetheless, AMD is counting on Hammer to turn the CPU world upside down.

Also, you have to wonder if Intel will include Hyperthreading in their desktop P4's, and if they do, what will that mean for our usage?

God I love competition