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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.26.02]
Manufactured by: Intel
Price: $546 (street)

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The Crunchers: ScienceMark 2

I always like to include some pure number crunching benchmarks to flex some MHz muscle.  First up is ScienceMark, a highly intensive CPU benchmarking application that I won't even begin to try to understand. I have no interest in finding the total energy of a water molecule using quantum Monte Carlo, but it does make for an excellent stressful benchmark!  We used the latest beta version available on their site.

This time we are seeing a performance increase higher than the theoretical maximum 10.5% based on just a speed increase.  I was waiting for a benchmark to show this, because AcesHardware believes there is something to this... I don't really buy it though, because this is the only benchmark I've come across that would agree to their theory...

KribiBench 1.0

KribiBench is a new 3D Rendering CPU benchmark that was just released last week.  It uses Adept Development's Kribi Renderer to make passes on 3D models of varying complexities.  It is a 100% software renderer, which makes it an excellent CPU benchmark.

SYSMark 2002

SYSMark has to be the most controversial benchmark application ever.  AMD took issue with last year's version because it used software that did not recognize the SSE instructions in the Athlon.  Now AMD is accusing BapCo of dropping tests from 2001 which the AthlonXP excelled in, and replaced them with tests the Pentium 4 excels in.  Speaking of Excel, AMD also complains that SYSMark shouldn't be using such large spreadsheets in their latest version (Intel's larger cache will do a better job of handling these spreadsheets).  This just shows how low some companies will go to discredit a benchmark they are losing, although AMD MAY be somewhere with the former case.

In the future, we'll include both SYSMark 2001 and 2002 when testing Intel and AMD CPU's against each other (that'll be about 4 hours of testing ).  For now, we don't have an AMD CPU to test, so 2002 will do.  *sigh*

Office Productivity is just about as high as it will get, but we are seeing a nice performance increase in Internet Content Creation with the clock speed increase.

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