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Reviewed By: Carl Nelson [04.04.02]
Manufactured By: Intel & AMD
Prices: P4 2.4 GHz: $560 (in volume quantities)
AthlonXP 2100: $210  (in volume quantities)

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As always, we chose the 3 tests in the SPECviewPerf suite that put the most stress on the CPU.  Since SPECviewPerf is geared towards 3D workstations, even a card like the GeForce 3 Ti500 will be absolutely maxed out in most tests, and the differences in scores will be almost non-existent.

As expected, the GeForce is pretty much maxed out here.  The one test that doesn't seem to be affected as much is the DRV07 test, which looks to be benefiting from Intel's strong FPU performance and higher clock speeds.  The DRV07 shows AMD's performance rating to be slightly behind this time.

PCMark 2002

Just before AMD announced this 2100+ processor, MadOnion (makers of 3DMark) released a brand spanking new unified benchmark app. Benchmark freaks rejoice! PCMark 2002 is quick, a run takes just under 10 minutes, simple, and to the point. You get final scores for CPU and Memory tests, as well as a HDD test.

We are only showing the CPU test results here, because the memory test is more dependant upon the motherboard and chipset used (and ram of course).  Intel wins this one easily.  It looks like PCMark 2002 goes directly in line with AMD's Performance Rating specs... The chart ramps directly with the speeds: 2000, 2100, 2200, 2400.

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