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Reviewed By: Carl Nelson [03.27.02]
Manufactured By: AMD
Price: $420 @ 1000 Units

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As always, we chose the 3 tests in the SPECviewPerf suite that put the most stress on the CPU.  Since SPECviewPerf is geared towards 3D workstations, even a card like the GeForce 3 Ti500 will be absolutely maxed out in most tests, and the differences in scores will be almost non-existent.

And there you have it.. With the exception of the Light04 test, we actually see some pretty decent increases (an increase of 1 or 2 is actually not bad in these tests).


SCIENCEmark is just another highly intensive CPU benchmarking application that I won't even begin to try to understand.  I have no interest in finding the total energy of a water molecule using quantum Monte Carlo, but it does make for an excellent stressful benchmark!

There you have it, 100 "points" will help you determine the quantum solutions to The Schrodinger equation for all 61 electrons in the element Promethium that much faster! w00p!

Seriously though, I'd say an increase of 5 is pretty decent; certainly a lot more than we've been seeing with the rest of the tests.

On the next page you'll find probably the most important test results of them all: Real World Applications.

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