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Reviewed By: Carl Nelson [03.27.02]
Manufactured By: AMD
Price: $420 @ 1000 Units

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First Up: SiSoft Sandra 2001te

I always like to kick off processor reviews with a SiSoft benchmark. This is a synthetic benchmark, so "real world" numbers are not given (in other words, you look at arbitrary numbers, rather than something like frames per second, or decoding time).

SiSoft Sandra uses excellent tools for theoretical CPU benchmarking, for comparison purpose. Version 2002 is updated to support the newest CPU's, such as the Northwood Pentium 4.

First up is the CPU Benchmark.  This tests the raw computing power of each CPU, without using advanced functions.  Note that the Integer-based benchmark (Dhrystone) has benefited a bit more from the clock increase than the Floating Point benchmark (Whetstone).  This goes right along with the fact that the Athlon excels in Integer-based operations, compared to floating point.  This has been the case as long as I can remember.

The Multimedia test is quite similar, except enhanced instruction sets like 3DNow! and SSE are being used.  This time it is the floating point score increasing more with the higher speed.

The memory benchmark is somewhat useless when comparing the same processors... We aren't going to see much of an increase, if any, if just the clock speed is increased.  As you can see here, this is exactly the case.  The fact that there is any change at all is actually somewhat surprising to me...

After one benchmark suite, we have seen slight increases... It is interesting to note that although the CPU "name" has increased by 100 MHz, the actual speed of the CPU has only changed by 60 MHz! That is quite amazing in my opinion, and says a lot for the architecture of this CPU... Let's see if 60 MHz means more in other benchmarks...

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