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Reviewed By: Carl Nelson [11.15.01]
Manufactured by: AMD
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Wolfenstein MP Test2

For the RTCW MPTest version 2, we had to record a new demo.  They fixed the ultra-low performance people were seeing in the outdoor part of the level, but it still functions as a great OpenGL game benchmark.  HCWDemo1 can be downloaded from our Downloads Page (along with all the other benchmarks we use)

For all our game tests, the very lowest graphical quality settings were used.  This was to ensure that the CPU was the limiting factor in tests, and the video card and memory were not the bottleneck.

Athlon wins this round.  Nothing much to say here, except that it looks like the Quake 3 engine makes use of the Athlon's extra cache size.

Now doesn't this just throw off our test results just a bit?  in Wolfenstein, the Athlon easily took care of the Duron by 9 FPS, and now we see that in Quake 3, which is the engine Wolfenstein is based upon, the Duron is keeping up with the Athlon, and in fact beating it.  I really can't explain this; we ran each test over and over so no 'freak' results were found... The best I can do is show you another game, and see if any sort of trend can be found...

This is more like it... Back when the Duron was released, the low cache size didn't give it much of a performance hit, but with today's games, it is looking like even the new features of the Morgan core aren't enough to compensate.

Let's try to confirm this theory with our final graphical tests: 3DMark...

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