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Reviewed By: Carl Nelson [11.15.01]
Manufactured by: AMD
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3D Mark 2000 CPU Test

3DMark 2000 includes a "CPU Test" as part of its overall video benchmark (which we will get to later).  In this test, the game demos are run in ultra-low resolution, so the video card is not a bottleneck.  The Athlon wins this score, most likely due to its large L2 cache size.

3DWinBench CPU Test

Like 3DMark 2000, 3DWinbench also has a CPU test which runs in a similar way.  Again, the Athlon wins with its cache size advantage.

Prime95 Benchmark

In the latest version of Prime95 (a most useful tool for overclockers), a benchmark is included.  In this test, calculations of varying degrees are run, and the lowest calculation time is recorded.

The most important part to look at on this test is on the very right, where the most complicated calculations are done.  The Athlon once again walks away with this test, again most likely due to its cache size.  Enhanced features aside, it looks like the Duron is being held back by its low L2 cache size...

This little suite of 'raw calculating power' tests show that when the new features of the Morgan core are mostly ignored, the low cache is keeping it from performing on par with the Athlon.  Let's have a look at some synthetic graphics tests to see if this trend continues...

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