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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [02.09.03]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake

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I didn’t expect any problems with the installation and I didn’t get any.  Just use the included screws to mount it into an open 5.25" drive bay or drive rails, hook up the pass through cables to your fans and to the back of the Hardcano and you’re ready to go.


Again, being a fairly simple accessory, I didn’t have any problems using the Hardcano 8VR.  My Vantec Tornado went from a deafening scream to a slight whine.

A few things to make note of before making a purchase, however.  Thermaltake specifically states that this device is not for use with any temperature controlled fans or fans where you can already manually control the speed.  You need to have regular single speed fans in order to use the Hardcano 8VR.  Also, those of you currently using a fanbus are out of luck as the device connects to the fans via their molex connectors.  You would have to do some fancy-pants soldering before it would work.  Also, be sure you have some zip-strips on hand as the Hardcano 8VR requires a total of 8 wires and cables to connect 4 fans.

One other thing of note: after many hours of use, when I went to adjust the fan speed again, I noticed that the unit got a little warm.  Not quite warm enough to roast marshmallows but 'more than just a little bit' warm.

It’s all about balance.  You’ll be thanking Thermaltake when you get a good night’s sleep because you didn’t have to listen to those big black things in your case.  While it lacks in the looks department, the Hardcano 8VR works just as it is supposed to.  However, I hesistate to recommend it because of its looks and build quality.  There simply isn’t anything special or eye-catching about it and it doesn’t exactly cost much less than other rheobus solutions on the market.  I don’t have anything else to compare it to in the rheobus department at the moment but I am not impressed with the construction of the Hardcano 8VR.  I have a feeling that if I had something to compare it to, the score given below would be a lot lower.

  • does it's job well
  • easy installation

  • BLUE!
  • and otherwise plain looking (lacking LEDs)
  • questionable build quality
  • a little warm after long use

Final Score: 72%