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Written by: Ed Lau [12.23.02]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Globalwin
MSRP: $35

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While you probably won't be able to see it when looking through your case window, the heatsink has a couple stickers on it. One of a mouse playing soccer and one with some classic Chinese writing*. The other side has some engravings with the Globalwin website and logo. Not a big deal to most people and even the aesthetically minded such as myself won't look twice.

(* = I consulted my girlfriend's Mom on the translation of this writing.  Directly translated, it means "Mouse with heavenly feet".  The modern English equivalent would be something along the lines of "Mighty Mouse" - meaning something that is small but powerful.  In any case, this seems contradictory for this particular heatsink, since it is an absolute MONSTER.  Globalwin puts this on their entire CAK4 lineup. Thanks Mom! -lowlight).

The fan is the part that you'll see the most through your window and as far as looks go, it's just the big ol' black thing with the stainless grille. The fan adapter, however, comes in a nice blue which I would love to put a white LED into to see how it glows.

Other than that, no fancy lights, switches or knobs. Yet another combo that isn't very pretty to look at.

Hold on... What IS that blue thingy?

Because 70mm fans are non-standard, Globalwin decided to go with a 80mm fan on their 70mm heatsink. To do so, they need an adapter to conduct the airflow and to make sure the 80mm somehow attaches to the smaller copper heatsink.

Called the "Blue Tai-Chi", the adapter features a curved divider designed to create an off-set airflow, which supposedly improves the way the air meets the fins on the heatsink. I'm not an engineer so I don't have any idea how this works. I wish I had another fan adapter at this time which I could use to test Globalwin's claims of "Heat Will Go" but unfortunately, I do not. I will try to get one and keep you posted.


For something so extremely heavy, I wish Globalwin would have used a better clip, perhaps something in the three-prong flavor which Thermaltake, Vantec and a few other companies seem to favor these days. While the clip is easy to use and solidly constructed, it doesn't feel secure and it makes me uneasy about its reliability.

Something that I DID like about the clip was that it has a screwdriver slot on both sides, meaning ease of installation for people with cramped cases as they can hook it onto the backside and use a screwdriver to push the clip from the front.

With such a heavy heatsink, I would recommend that everyone use extra caution during installation as you may crack your AXP in the process. Remember to keep it as flat as possible.

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