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Written by: Ed Lau [12.09.02]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Vantec
Est. Street Price: $20

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It seems that in the past year or so, more and more people are realizing that cooling is incredibly important to the stability and lifespan of your PC. Companies are coming out more and more cooling products, each more advanced than the one they released last month - their engineers working countless hours to somehow make a few hundred grams of copper cool better than it does already.

Vantec recently provided us with a Copper-X (CCK-6040H), sporting a 6800rpm 60mm fan and a full copper heatsink. The heatsink, like many other Vantec offerings, features a very high density of copper fins. 38 fins to be exact.


This is undoubtedly the definition of a no-nonsense cooler. No heat-sensing fans, no lights, no knobs or switches. No fancy pants gimmicks. It's simply a heatsink-fan combo and therefore, there really isn't much for me to write about.

Like many other Vantec products, the Copper-X is well crafted and has a nice solid feel. It is also fairly hefty, weighing in at 384.0 grams. I like components with a nice solid feel but some people might be worried about it falling off. The great clip design pretty much eliminates this possibility, which I'll explain later.

The bottom of the Copper-X is relatively smooth. If you look closely, you can see my reflection as I take picture. While it isn't a total mirror finish, I can't really complain. It is a lot smoother than a lot of other heatsinks I see. If you like, you can always get a better finish out of it but I choose to go the way of most people and just use some high quality thermal compound.

Vantec does include the requisite thermal compound as well as a molex adapter. As it is against my religion to use thermal compound included with HSFs, you can see exactly where it goes...

As far as aesthetics go, it's not so much that the Copper-X is ugly as it is plain. There's nothing to set it apart from the rest of the field in terms of looks. For most people, this probably doesn't matter but I'm such a freak when it comes to how my rig looks so I would have liked a few gimmicks in that area. A LED or two or a grille that isn't the regular chrome dealie would have been nice to see.

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