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Reviewed By: Carl Nelson [11.09.01]
Manufactured by: OCZ Tech
Suggested Price: $20


Finally, Something Different

After about 8 reviews from one single manufacturer, we were finally able to dig around and find a heatsink from someone other than Thermaltake.  If you've read our Thermaltake reviews, you'd know that we have been pleased with them for their middle-end solutions, and they are actually starting to get better with the high end stuff lately as well...

But for now, let's have a look at a heatsink that I am sure you've seen popping up in many online retailers' virtual storefronts: The OCZ Gladiator (this one with a high speed YS-Tech fan).

"More Copper"

OCZ states that, due to their "Ultra Thin fin technology", the Gladiator line of coolers have the most surface area of any copper heatsink today. 

Since no manufacturer ever tells exactly how much surface area their heatsinks have, I can't tell you whether this is true or now.  However, as you can see above, they really jam a lot of fins into this sink (around 38).  So in terms of surface area, it's probably safe to say that the Gladiator has more copper than any other heatsink.  We all know that's what matters with heatsinks, so OCZ gets away with their nifty press slogan there :)

Since it is so short, it only weighs about 400 grams.  This is well below many other all-copper heatsinks, like the Kanie Hedgehog, and probably less than many aluminium heatsinks with copper inserts (the Dragon Orb 3 is around 700 grams).

Earplugs Recommended

All the surface area in the world isn't going to do you any good if you can't blow the heat off it.  That's why the Gladiator comes with the option of being equipped with YS-Tech's 40 CFM 7200 RPM fan.

If you've read our other cooling reviews, you know I am personally not too keen on ultra-loud fans driving me crazy all day.  Now, I respect that many can stand the annoying high pitched wail produced by these fans, so we still review them fairly.  However I will let you know that if you have never heard one before, and are considering a heatsink with a fan like this, you are in for a very unpleasant surprise.

Some companies offer various versions of their heatsinks with lower speed fans for those who just don't want to take it to the extreme.  Thermaltake for instance has two versions of their Volcano 6, and two versions of their Dragon Orb series coolers.  This gives the user to decide between ultimate performance, and going deaf.  The lowest-end Gladiator by OCZ (The "Original Gladiator" they call it) has a 36 CFM 7000 RPM fan that will be pretty much just as loud as this one.

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