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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [02.01.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Vantec

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Testing Method

As you know, we've been recording temperatures using thermistors mounted directly onto the CPU for the past months as it is more accurate than thermistors on the motherboard, which are actually mounted in the socket under the chip.

However, even this has a margin of error. New motherboards are finally allowing the use of the Athlon XP's built-in thermal diode. This method of temperature measure should, in theory, be even more accurate than our previous testing method so we will be using this procedure for this review.

The test machine consists of a AGOIA 1800+ (1.53 GHz) Athlon Xp mounted on a MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU with a single stick of 512MB Samsung PC2700 DDR333 RAM.

The case is a Thermaltake Xaser II A5000A, loaded up with 5 low speed fans. As this isn't a speed benchmark, I guess the rest of my system isn't a factor.

Testing Results

After an hour of torture with Prime95, here are the results for the Vantec Aeroflow.

Absolutely incredible for a cooler that makes so little noise.

In comparison, the Aeroflow is about as quiet as the Volcano 9 at 2000rpm or so.

I still can’t believe it.  This thing is a godsend; by far the best heatsink fan in my possession.  Vantec has simply outdone themselves, going above and beyond to create something truly unique.  Of course, some of the credit indeed goes to Y.S. Tech for creating a revolutionary fan but it takes much more than just a fan to make a truly remarkable combo.

The heatsink is another flash of brilliance from Vantec, the first to feature fins cut into all four sides, allowing air to escape in four directions.  In collaboration with the T.M.D. fan which has no motor in the center, this simply means that the combo optimizes the airflow through the top and out the sides which explains the amazing performance to noise ratio.

Make no mistake, however.  The Aeroflow is not silent and is not the best performer on the market but it comes damn close to both.  At a retail price of $35, this is the ultimate combination balance between performance, noise and price.  Globalwin’s CAK4-86 edges out the Aeroflow but it is a LOT noisier.  For that matter, a Thermalright SLK-800 with a Vantec Stealth or another quiet fan would outperform the Aeroflow; but that combination will cost about twice or three times more.

In short, trust me.  This is THE cooler you want to get if you have an AMD processor.  Vantec has a P4 version as well, for you P4 OCers out there...

It has been a privilege to witness the latest great innovation in the cooling field and I’m proud to award the Vantec Aeroflow hardCOREware’s "I AM HARDCORE" award.


...why are you still reading?  Go out and buy one!

  • great performance
  • very quiet
  • very nice looking
  • clip is easy to use

  • watch your fingers

Final Score: 97%