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Reviewed By: Carl Nelson [04.21.01]
Manufactured by: Tennmax
Suggested Price: $19.



Another thing that Tennmax fixed on the beta unit they sent me was the very short power cord... In the preview, I stated that the short cord is very likely a symptom of having a preproduction unit, and that turned out to be the case.

However, the cord is still not as long as the Blue Orb's cord.  It was sufficient for my needs, but you may have to reroute some of your wiring to accommodate your new cooler.

Also included was some heatsink paste (though it was in a small ziplock bag and made for a VERY messy job) and 4 extra pushpins (but not the spring loaded type that is already installed on the unit).  There was no thermal interface material on the bottom of the heatsink; finally we are seeing this stuff disappear for good.

It should be noted that for whatever reason, Tennmax recommends that their products are not to be used with Arctic Silver heatsink paste! I am not sure why, but our test results showed a significant increase in temperature when using Arctic Silver heatsink paste.  I use the regular stuff for all my paste needs anyway, that silver stuff is way too messy (and expensive - I've never had to pay for heatsink paste before, it always comes with one cooler or another).

The Test 

To test cooling performance, we slapped on the new Lasagna II, an original (small) Tennmax Lasagna, a Blue  Orb, and a stock heatsink (no fan) on a GeForce 2 MX overclocked to 200 Mhz (from 175).  We ran 3dMark 2001 tests like there was no tomorrow, and recorded temperature scores using a method similar to our CPU testing method (placing a thermistor right next to the core chip, NOT underneath it!).  The GF2MX actually yielded higher temperatures than our GeForce 2 GTS.

The Test Results

HSF Unit

Temperature after 3dMark 2001 (Celsius)

Tennmax Lasagna II


Tennmax Lasagna I (Old Ver.)


Thermaltake Blue Orb


Stock (no fan)


The Tennmax II is better than the small version by a small margin.  However, it comes in a more complete retail package, and I don't even know if Tennmax still makes the old version! As you can see though, it lags significantly behind the Blue Orb.  Do you need the PCI slot below your video card? Will you need it in the future? Those should be the questions you ask when looking for a new video heatsink.  As you can see, it does perform significantly better than the stock heatsink.

Normally, I would go for the Blue Orb.  It is a little beefier, and I personally don't need the slot below AGP.  However, since the Tennmax is significantly quieter than the Blue Orb, I am sticking with that! You wouldn't believe how quiet my PC is, even though it has a total of 6 fans including power supply (those new Thermaltake case fans are sweet).

  • Low Profile saves a PCI slot
  • Quiet
  • Comes with heatsink paste and extra push pins
  • Performs quite well
  • Fits on pretty much every NVidia card now (more and more are using this pin config, including reference)

  • Expensive
  • Doesn't perform quite as well as the Blue Orb

Final Score: 88%