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Reviewed By: Carl Nelson [04.21.01]
Manufactured by: Tennmax
Suggested Price: $19.


They're Back!

That's right, Tennmax is back at it with their very functional Multi-Leaf cooling system. Tennmax now focuses only on this system, similar to how Thermaltake sticks with their Orb design (for the most part).  Video card coolers is Tennmax's forte.  You may remember, WAAAAAAY back in November, we had a look at Tennmax's "new and improved" Lasagna BGA cooler.  

We actually quite liked it; it wasn't quite up to par with the Blue Orb, but you don't lose a PCI slot, plus it is much quieter.  Back then though, there was a serious design flaw with it...

What's up with the giant hole on the bottom? Well that was a PREview, and now we are back with a REview of "The Other" performance video chipset cooler.  This time with no giant hole on the bottom :)

Ready to Kick Some Ass!

Thermaltake really had a winner with their Blue Orb.  It cooled better than anything practical that I've ever seen, and it was quite affordable! Tennmax wasn't just going to sit around and let those video card newbies at Thermaltake conquer the video cooling market! It really whoops the original Lasagna BGA.  The new unit seems to be simply called "Lasagna".

Below is a pic of the Blorb sitting next to the NEW Tennmax, the Lasagna II.  The Lasagna II is the exact same height as the original, but it is now as wide as the Blue Orb.  It is 5x5cm, where the original lasagna was 4x4cm.  The Blue Orb is about 5.5cm in diameter.

One large advantage the Tennmax has over the Blue Orb is the height...

The Blue Orb is exactly twice as tall as the Lasagna! 20mm compared to 10mm.  This allows you to use the PCI slot directly below the AGP slot, if you are tight for space.  Note that Hercules does use a version of the Blue Orb on their GeForce 3 cards, but it is also 10mm.  It will be interesting to see how that compares to the Tennmax unit, where the height advantage is lost! We *should* be getting a Herc GF3 next week, so I'll keep you updated in our GF3 review.

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