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Reviewed By: Ryan Romaine [03.12.01]
Manufactured by: CPUfx
Suggested Price: $70 (fan not included)


Did you say 'low price of $70?'

Unlike other Heatsinks the CORE dose not include a fan. This may not be a bad thing however. This allows the individual to customize the CORE to their needs not much unlike many of today's high-end enclosures not including power supplies. Too loud or too hot? You make the call. For the purpose of this review the recommended black delta was chosen. Rated at over 6800 RMPs it moves 37CFM at 46.5Db


Two installation methods are available for the CORE. The first option is a set of iron plates that lock onto ZIF socket and are screwed into the side of the heat sink. The user must apply even downward force and the side plates are tightened into place with 2 nylon screws. This didn't sound too appealing to me so I choose the alternate method.

Most modern ATX motherboards include 4 holes spaced around the ZIF socket. CPUfx takes advantage of this by threading a nylon bolt through each hole and into the core. This sounded a little more appealing then the first method so I broke out the Artic Silver and started to prepare my system.

The first real problem is that this installation method requires you to have access to the motherboard at all angels. This negates the point of having fancy slide out motherboard trays. After dismantling my entire system I placed one of the provided copper shims over processor. The two hours of vulgarities that followed have been omitted. Needless to say it's quite difficult to balance a 1 pond heatsink 4 bolts a motherboard and a screw diver all while attempting not to smear your perfectly applied artic silver. Nevertheless once I found a method that works installation was quite easy. And I must say I do prefer the moths to any other method of attachment. But don't over tighten; you may warp your motherboard!

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