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Reviewed By: Brad Phau [02.20.01]
Manufactured by: Kanie
Suggested Price: $50 


The Test 

Here's some temperature scores for you to feast your eyes upon.

Speed Heatsink Idle Load Heatsink Idle Load
850 Chrome Orb 35 38 Hedgehog 30 32
900 Chrome Orb 39 42 Hedgehog 31 32
950 Chrome Orb 45 48 Hedgehog 31 33
1000 Chrome Orb No Way! Yeah Right! Hedgehog 31 34
1050 Chrome Orb Forget It! Go Home! Hedgehog 31 36

A Note About Our Temperature Measuring Method

Please note that the method we use to measure temperatures is not entirely accurate.  Basically, by using the thermistor under the CPU, we are not getting the exact CPU core, and temperatures differences can be off by as much as 10 degrees!

Chances are, though, that if our indirect method of measuring temperatures show a difference in performance, it is really there.  And, as you can see, the Hedgehog could take this particular CPU much further than the Chrome Orb could ever hope of doing.  You know what they say; the proof is in the pudding! Why do they say that?

All that I really need to say is that this cooler performs well, but this performance comes with a hefty price tag. I paid about 45 bucks for this hunk of metal with the standard 5400 RPM fan, you could buy one with a Black Label Delta fans for about 10 dollars more and get possibly better performance out of it, however, you may just want to save some coin and get yourself a similar performing cooler for less. For much less, you could get yourself an adequate cooler, but don't expect to overclock your system as high. There's always a price tag on performance, and the Kanie Copper Hedgehog is a good example of this. If overclocking is your concern, this heatsink will not disappoint.

  • All copper for better thermal conductivity
  • Large size for greater surface area
  • Fits both AMD and Intel CPUs
  • Choose your own fan

  • Very expensive
  • Not recommended by AMD (too heavy)
  • I suggest a shim to support this big boy

Final Score: 86%