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Reviewed By: Carl 'Nelson [02.16.01]
Manufactured by: ThermalTake
Suggested Price: $20


The Test 

To test the temperatures, we brought the CPU to absolute full load by running the Prime95 Torture Tests for about an hour.  We also measured the idle temp.

The CPU used is an AMD "Blue Core" Thunderbird 750 clocked at 1000 Mhz (1.85 volts).  The computer case is closed, to reproduce an actual environment most people will have at home.  Case temp was around 33 degrees at all times (it's hot this morning in Canada for some reason).

I'll put in some Fahrenheit numbers as well, since a lot of our readers are still stuck in the 70's ;)

HSF Unit Idle Temp (C/F) 60 Minutes of Prime95 (C/F)
Thermaltake Volcano II 33.0/91 44.0/111
Thermaltake Super Orb 34.0/93 45.0/113
Copper Hedgehog 34.0/93 41.0/107

The Volcano II beats the Super Orb by a little, and is just under the Copper Hedgehog, which costs at least TWICE as much! I think I have a new favourite CPU cooler now ;-)

A Note About Our Temperature Measuring Method

Please note that the method we use to measure temperatures is not entirely accurate.  Basically, by using the thermistor under the CPU, we are not getting the exact CPU core, and temperatures differences can be off by as much as 10 degrees!

Chances are, though, that if our indirect method of measuring temperatures show a difference in performance, it is really there.  IE the Copper Hedgehog does cool better than the Volcano II.  However, it could be more than 3 degrees, as shown in our tests.

In the future, we will take greater care to make this clear, as well as develop a better method of measuring CPU temperatures.  In the meantime, know that the Super Orb and Volcano II still cool quite well for the price, but are probably further behind the Copper Hedgehog than our tests show.

Neat Feature 

One thing I wanted to point out, but I am not sure how useful it is, is the neat "Fan Slider.  Check this out:

Again, I'm not sure how useful this will be to anyone... You still have to unscrew the fan to take it off, but it sure looks cool, doesn't it?

Just when I thought the Super Orb couldn't be beat for it's "Kick Ass Price/Performance Cooler" title, Thermaltake goes ahead and releases this! Gee...

I am very happy with the Volcano II, and it is now my new personal cooler.  I did like the Super Orb a lot, but it was just too loud for my tastes.  The ultra quiet 36 CFM fan on the Volcano II absolutely KICKS ASS though.

  • Good temperature scores
  • AWESOME price
  • Extraordinarily quiet
  • Easy to install
  • Unbelievable Price/Performance ratio
  • Even better than the Super Orb!
  • Innovative clip design; no more gouged thumbs!

  • While it performs well, others still perform better
  • Looks boring

Final Score: 96%