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Previewed By: Carl Nelson [11.08.00]
Manufactured by: Tennmax



Here's one more look at the height difference, this time using the NEW Lasagna II and the Blue Orb:

The Blue Orb is 20mm tall, where the Lasagna II is exactly half of that - 10mm.

The pin placement of the Tennmax is the exact same as the Blue Orb.  Unlike the Blue Orb, though, the Lasagna II will not come with thermal tape if the pins don't match up with your video card.  Also, rather than include thermal paste in the retail package, the Lasagna II uses the same thermal interface material the original had.  We tested it briefly, and found it to perform a little lower than using regular thermal paste.

The package I received from Tennmax did not include a 3 pin-to-4 pin adapter.  This is unfortunate, because the 3 pin cord on the Lasagna 2 was WAY too short to reach any fan headers.  Luckily, we had an adapter here that we could use, otherwise, we'd be SOL for testing.  This will surely be addressed with the final product though, I'm sure.

To sum up: If you want to use your own thermal paste with the Lasagna II (recommended), you're going to need your own.  If you need to attach it to a chip with thermal tape, you're going to need your own, and for now, if you want to use it at all, you're going to need your own pin adapter.  The Blue Orb came with all this in the retail package. Once Tennmax reads this, I'm sure they will consider including the materials in their final retail package as well though :)

The Lasagna II should fit on MOST GeForce and TNT video cards based on reference design (such as the Elsa GLADIAC, shown here).  The original Lasagna had 3 versions: The type you see here, one with the pins shifted a bit, for Voodoo3 type pin holes, and one with no pins that came with some adhesive to be used on chips with no pin outs, or very oddly placed ones.  Tennmax has a Selection Guide.  If your card is a "Type B", the Lasagna II should fit perfectly.

Tennmax HATES Arctic Silver!

I mentioned that the Lasagna II comes with their own thermal interface material pre-applied to the bottom of the cooler (Thermaltake does this with all but their two newest coolers as well).  Here's what it looks like:

The little divot you see on the bottom of the cooler should only be apparent on the beta versions only!  It is also the reason we are going to say now, that the performance rating we received will NOT reflect those of the final product! That is the only reason we called this article a PREview, and not a REview.

The point I wanted to get to, though, was the fact that Tennmax suggests that you do NOT use the popular high-end (and high-priced) heatsink paste, Arctic Silver, with their products.  I had no idea why they would say this, but when we tested it with Arctic Silver, we saw the temperature rise significantly! Like I said though, you will get better performance with regular heatsink paste than you will with the interface material...

To take this gunk off, simply scrape it off with something soft.  I used my fingernail.  You will have some residue left over - use solvent to quickly melt that away.  Finish it off with some rubbing alcohol, and you get this:

Don't worry about that divot; it will NOT be on the final product! It very likely had an effect on our scores though, so take them as basic pre-evaluation anyway, OK?

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