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Previewed By: Carl Nelson [11.08.00]
Manufactured by: Tennmax


Have you gained some weight?

In our Thermaltake Blue Orb Chipset Cooler Review, we stated that there just wasn't much competition in the chipset cooling market.  Besides Tennmax and now Thermaltake, and a couple obscure companies, there just isn't much out there to give us extra cooling options beyond the stock coolers that come installed on our video cards.

Granted, core overclocking isn't exactly the best way to get huge numbers in benchmarks - at high resolutions, the video cards are still always going to be hampered by memory bandwidth right now.  As memory bandwidth is increased, we will see it becoming less of a factor in frame rates, but then we'll be running our games in 1600x1200!

To get the absolute most out of your graphics card, though, you will want to overclock the video clock as much as possible.  To do this, you'll need some extra cooling.

The Blue Orb prooved to perform very well when compared to stock heatsinks and Tennmax's older product, the Lasagna BGA.  It was pretty big though, and blocked off a PCI slot.  The Tennmax had a low enough profile not to get in the way of the PCI slot directly below the video card, but it was pretty small compared to the Blue Orb.

This is the Blorb sitting next to the OLD Tennmax.  Note the height and width differences.

Vengeance Will Be Mine!

Tennmax wasn't just going to sit around and let those video card newbies at Thermaltake conquer the video cooling market! Soon, they will be releasing a new iteration of the original Lasagna BGA cooler.  It has no name yet, but we'll call it Lasagna II (creative, huh?).

The picture at the top was from our original Blue Orb Review.  It was the Blue Orb sitting next to the original Lasagna BGA cooler.  Note that it is wider than the original Tennmax, but it is also considerably higher.

Below is a pic of the Blorb sitting next to the NEW Tennmax, the Lasagna II.  The Lasagna II is the exact same height as the original, but it is now as wide as the Blue Orb.  It is 5x5cm, where the original lasagna was 4x4cm.  The Blue Orb is about 5.5cm in diameter.

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