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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [04.19.00]
Supplied by: AMK Services
Price: $49.99 CAD ($33 USD) + S&H


Don't Hurt Yourself Now...

Be careful when you are installing/uninstalling this cooler, especially if you are working inside your case.  The retention clip used is very tight, and can be a pain in the ass getting on and off.  I personally used a standard screw-driver to push the clip outwards while pressing down on it.  I could do that because I was using a slotket.  If you're not, it will be tough.  Luckily though, unlike the flimsy (and sharp) push pin on the Global-Win, this thing isn't going to break on you.

Testing, Testing...

To record temperatures, we used the Super Cooler (don't ask me where they got the name; those little fans aren't going to cool shit).  We ran it up against the Intel OEM HSF that comes with the retail CPU, and for reference, we're going to show you the numbers for the Alpha Fin Model.  The CPU was a Coppermine 550e clocked at 770 MHz, because that's as fast as the OEM would bring it, and we want controlled testing here.  We COULD get to 825 MHz with both Alphas.

This little guy fits right into your 5.25" bay, and has room for four Thermo-Probes™.  Those two little fans are next to completely useless, but it came in handy for testing, as the Tyan s1854 doesn't come with any sort of onboard diag tools.  This is the Super Cooler, also kindly supplied by AMK Services.

Yes, that's the exact same pic used on our Fin Model Review, AND Moto's review, but it's we tested both HSF's the exact same way, so why waste film, right? :)


Like the Fin Model, this Pin Model is very loud, probably even louder than the former.  Again, this may or may not be an issue to you, since chances are your case sounds something like a helicopter as it is.

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