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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [04.12.00]
Supplied by: AMK Services
Price: $49.99 CAD ($33 USD) + S&H


The Test 

To test the temperatures, we ran 30 minute Unreal Tournament loops, and 30 minute Prime95 Torture Tests.  We also measured the idle temp.  The CPU was running at 770 MHz, because that's as fast as our control unit (the stock Intel HSF) would run stable at.

HSF Unit Idle Temp (C) 30 Minutes of UT 30 Minutes of Prime95
Intel Stock 35.2 36.3 37.2
Alpha CO-PEP66T 30.4 30.9 31.6

As you can see, there was quite a difference in scores.

As you can see, the bad stuff outweighed the good by a little, but I still recommend it, because it does the job well enough.  We are also testing a pin version (don't even ASK me what it's called) which is the same price.  We're going to pit the $35 Alpha Pin against the $15 Golden Orb in an upcoming Hardcore Death Match... Look for that Real Soon!

  • Very good temperature scores
  • Brings our 550e Coppermine to 825 MHz, where the stock cooler fell short!
  • Four Plastic Pegsā„¢ ensure a stable installation on Coppermines and CeleryMines
  • Also works on s370 Celerons

  • Very Expensive
  • Too big for many motherboards, including mine
  • Stiff retaining clip might be a bit tough to undo when installed on a socket board.
  • Loud
  • You have to turn the fan around to get it to work properly

Final Score: 85%