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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [09.18.08]
Manufactured by: Abit


The Test

The GeForce 8200 mGPU isn't exactly meant to be used on super high-end motherboards. Even though it supports AMD's most expensive processors, it is really best suited for a low-end dual core Athlon 64 X2, like the 4200+ in a HTPC system. That will allow PureVideoHD to shine, using the 8200 to decode and accelerate all three major codecs in full 1080p.

We will be comparing the A-N78HD to the latest middle-range AMD motherboard we've reviewed - the Abit AX78. That board is based on AMD/ATI's 770 chipset with SB600 Southbridge.

Here's how the test systems were set up:

Memory: 2GB OCZ SOE Urban Elite 4-4-3-15 DDR2 800 (reviewed here)
Video Card: GeForce 7950 GT 512MB (reviewed here)
Hard Drives: Hitachi Deskstar T7K250 250GB (reviewed here)
OS:  Windows Vista x86 with SP1 installed
Power Supply: Thermaltake ToughPower 750W

SiSoft Sandra 2009

With the memory controller sitting on the CPU, there is really no way this test should vary from board to board.

Next we have Sandra's processor cache/memory bandwidth test, which tests the CPU's cache and memory sub-systems. So this should be identical as well:

And it is. Good.

Finally, the Memory Latency test. This also measures the entire sub-system (CPU cache, memory, etc) and also should be identical.

This time, the A-N78HD performs better than the AMD 770. 82 ns is considered the 'correct' latency for Athlon64 X2 systems, so this could be a software error (repeated tests yield the same score).

Okay let's cut the jibber jabber and bench with some software people actually use!

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