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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [09.04.08]
Manufactured by: OCZ Technology


Overall Thoughts

I wasn't sure what to expect from this 4GB kit from OCZ. On one hand, it seemed to have superfluous cooling features that I question the need for considering that they severely limit the memory's compatibility with motherboard.

From prior memory reviews, I already knew that lower latency = slightly better performance, but if you want higher clock speeds for overclocking, you need to relax the timings a bit. In this case, relaxing the timings yielded an easy overclock to 1065 MHz DDR2. It should be noted that OCZ also sells a 4GB ReaperX kit that is guaranteed to run at least 1000 MHz DDR2 at 5-5-5-18 timings. I suppose you could go either way then!

Your overclocking goals should determine whether you consider buying a low latency memory kit such as the ReaperX. Are you looking to keep low latency timings while pushing your CPU as far as it can go? Sorry, you can't have it both ways. As we've seen, the farthest we got with these set to low latencies was about 830 MHz DDR2. Note that individual results can (and WILL) vary (sometimes widely!) so keep that in mind. We've taken other OCZ DDR2 low latency modules past 930 MHz for instance.

If you really want to let your CPU loose, then you need to open up the timings a bit, and crank up the voltage. Do that, and you will be treated with a ton of headroom - upwards of 1065 MHz DDR2 and beyond! That is by far the furthest I've personally taken a DDR2 kit, which is especially impressive considering that it's a 4GB kit.

If you just want to keep your CPU running at a comfortable, cool, quiet speed but want to squeeze out the last bit of performance, then the ReaperX kit here is a must-have.

Are the huge heatsinks the secret to ReaperX's successful overclocking? Who cares! They look rad! That is, if they fit on your motherboard...

  • Crazy high-latency overclocking
  • Look awesome
  • Good price for a premium product
  • "Free" performance without overclocking

  • Low latency overclocking not so hot
  • Can't be installed on all motherboards