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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [09.04.08]
Manufactured by: OCZ Technology


PCMark Vantage

After seeing all those impressive numbers, let's see what kind of performance increase occurs in real-world tasks. For this, we are using the all-in-one portion of PCMark Vantage.

This test consists of parts from each 'suite' of PCMark Vantage. All tests are performed using software built into Windows Vista - nothing here is artificial. Performance of each task is tallied, and a final score is given. We ran each benchmark three times:

Looking at these results, you can see that the lower latency timings have a profound effect on Windows Vista performance. This is especially so on the AMD side, where a 11.4% performance increase was had. As far as bandwidth vs. latency, the high bandwidth numbers no longer look quite so impressive. While they are definitely higher, it's not such a huge difference.


While modern games perform "better" with lower timings, there's only about a 1 FPS increase - less than 1%. Increasing memory and/or bus speed has more impact, but again not nearly as much as you'd get from overclocking (or replacing) your video card.

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