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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.27.08]
Manufactured by: Universal Abit



For overclocking, we swapped in some OCZ PC-6400 memory, and set the FSB:DIMM ratio to 1:1 to see how far we could push the FSB on the IP35 Pro with few other boundaries.

Armed with our 1333 FSB Core 2 Duo 6750, we managed to get the FSB speed up to 485 MHz, totally stable! This is the highest I've personally gotten an Intel board to go, although I'm sure there are many better overclockers out there than me. For instance, I have heard of this very board reaching 500 MHz and beyond! With just the right combination of tweaks and voltage settings, I'm sure you could take the IP35 Pro as far as any other board. The thing is, there is just so much to go through each time!

I just can't say enough about how great the IP35 Pro is. It just has so much to offer, at such a reasonable price, I can't see any reason not to recommend it to every single person looking for a P35 Express based motherboard.

The tweaking options are not only impressive, but in most case very easy and simple to use. Being able to see exactly how each change in clock and multiplier settings will affect overall clock speed on the fly is great.

Being able to manage each any every single fan will allow you to keep your system running as cool or as quiet as you want. Each fan also has individual alarms and shutdown settings as well.

Speaking of which, the same goes for voltages and temperatures too. Every single monitored voltage can be set to have a warning beep if things go awry, and if the temperature gets too hot, the same can be had.

The layout is nearly perfect as well, with only a few minor complaints due to some cost-cutting measures that were probably required to keep the price down. Building a system around the IP35 Pro is nothing short of gleeful, compared to many other motherboards I've used.

And it goes on and on. Most of the onboard peripherals are solid, with the exception of the PCI-based gigabit ethernet adapters.

Did I mention that there is a 3 year warranty for this board? In a time where many manufacturers are reigning in warranty periods, it's nice to see Abit keeping such a generous offer.

I was also able to break personal overclocking records with the IP35 Pro, and have seen others get even better results. It should also do very well with quad-core overclocking, with the inclusion of CPU GTLREF settings.

As you can see, there's no other way to put it. The IP35 Pro is very deserving of our highest accolades - the Editor's Choice Award! To put it simply, the Abit IP35 Pro is one of the best motherboards I've ever used.