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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.04.07]
Manufactured by: GTR Tech
Price: $249.99
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Internal Design

As you can imagine, having such a small form fact, the GTR3 is going to be quite cramped inside. And while it can indeed accommodate a full-size ATX motherboard (up to 9.6" wide, and 12" tall), certain compromises had to be made in terms of compatibility.

For instance, no matter how many PCI-E or PCI slots your motherboard has, the maximum you can possibly use with the GTR3 is one PCI-E video card and one PCI card, OR one PCI-E video card and a hard drive (there is already space for a single hard drive elsewhere in the case). Depending on your needs, this may be a very limiting factor - what is more important to you to use that extra slot forĀ - a good soundcard like an X-Fi? Or a fancy Killer NIC (hehe)? Or what about Wi-Fi, since most motherboards don't have this feature built-in? Then there is always the AGEIA Phys-X to consider (okay, well maybe not). If you just want to install an extra hard drive, you have no choice but to give up a PCI slot. None of this makes the GTR3 especially bad - it is so much smaller than every other ATX case, that we have to expect some sacrifices to be made to make the case as compatible as possible. GTR Tech's solution to this is quite ingenius really (although very complicated).


GTR Tech's Feature Module (or THE CAGE as I like to call it) is what makes the GT3 what it is. With a few adjustments, THE CAGE can accommodate just about every video card/motherboard combination out there. Okay, so it isn't "just a few adjustments" there are quite a few screws and plates that have to be moved around to change configurations. Still, being able to install just about any ATX motherboard is something that most SFF cases cannot do at all. And if you follow the instructions, you should be okay. On top of all that, THE CAGE even supports dual-wide video cards!

Here's how it looks with a single-wide GeForce 6800 GT installed (these cards are quite long):

So yeah, there are quite a few screws and what-not to move around, but unless you upgrade your video card on a regular basis, this shouldn't post too much of a problem. With the well-written manual, you thankfully do not need an engineering degree to figure it out.

Now let's get to the inside of the case itself. Can you believe that this 4.25" wide case can fit a full-size ATX motherboard, a hard drive, a PCI card, CPU, and a double-wide full-length video card?

Yup, if you follow the manual correctly, and in order, you should have no problem fitting all those parts in there. The first thing to do, of course, is install the motherboard.

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