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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.04.07]
Manufactured by: GTR Tech
Price: $249.99
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Building a Sport Compact PC

The Sport Compact PC market has to be a small one. After all, how many people really need a gaming PC that fits in their backpack? And those that do can probably look toward notebooks for a solution. After all, even if your PC fits in your backpack, you are still going to need a monitor and keyboard.

However, in some cases there is a need for a truly compact PC that has the latest and greatest components inside. If you bought an awesome laptop 2 years ago, chances are it's not going to cut it today. And upgrading a laptop is pretty much impossible. If you have a compact PC, upgrading the memory and video card is as easy as any other desktop.

For those who want the full power of a desktop but with some portability, GTR Tech has a solution - what they call the GTR3 "Sport Compact PC" case. Doesn't that refer to cars? Yeah, well...

You can see that sport compact racing heavily influenced the design of this case; everything from the huge air intakes, to the carbon-fibre "look" front panel, even to the huge wing on the top of it. Sport compact racing is all about fitting the most horsepower into the smallest package, and that's exactly what this case is about.

I mentioned the wing - and this is going to be hit or miss for PC gamers. Personally, I think it looks okay. Thankfully, it folds down into the case, so it doesn't stick out so much if you don't want it to. One thing it does to a good job of is being a useful handle to carry the case around with. It can even handle the weight of a fully-installed PC.

You'll also notice an air intake in the above pic - that one is for the PSU itself. The 350-watt Fortron power supply gets its own cooling, separate from the rest of the system. The result is a small but powerful PSU that stays quiet and can handle quite a heavy load. It is fully ATX 2.0 compliant.

The remainder of the cooling is handled by the two huge air intakes on the front. There are no exhaust fans, and as mentioned, the PSU doesn't even work as an exhaust fan. This had me concerned at first, but as it turns out, my concerns were unwarranted. There are four 40mm exhaust vents that I suppose you could intall some fans into if you were desperate. I can only imagine the loudness that would ensue.

At its default settings, the two 2000-RPM fans are quite loud; I would have liked to see a more silent solution to the cooling, maybe fans with variable speed settings or something. However, in some scenarios, it is perfectly fine to just leave them unplugged. The components you put in the system will determine exactly how much cooling you need.

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